Friday, July 25, 2008

Charlotte's Web

I think you have already seen this film or book, by the way Charlotte's Web is a children's book by acclaimed American author E. B. White. First published in 1952, it tells the story of a barn spider named Charlotte and her friendship with a pig named Wilbur. The book was illustrated by Garth Williams. It may also refer to the following:

Today I have heared one of the song from this movie, its very very nice and meningful.

check it out... its name is "Ordinary Miracle"
It’s not that unusual
When everything is beautiful.
It’s just another ordinary miracle today.

The sky knows when its time to snow,
Don’t need to teach a seed to grow.
It’s just another ordinary miracle today.

Life is like a gift they say
Wrapped up for you everyday;
Open up and find a way
To give some of your own.

Isn’t it remarkable?
Like every time a rain drop falls,
It’s just another ordinary miracle today.

Birds in winter have their fling
But always make it home by spring.
It’s just another ordinary miracle today.

When you wake up everyday
Please don’t throw your dreams away;
Hold them close to your heart
Cause we’re all a part
Of the ordinary miracle.
Ordinary miracle

Do you want to see a miracle?
ohh ohh ohh, ohhh ohh ohh...

It seems so exceptional
That things just work out after all.
It’s just another ordinary miracle today.

Sun comes up and shines so bright
And disappears again at night.
It’s just another ordinary miracle today.
ohh ohh ohh, ohh ohhh ohh...
It’s just another ordinary miracle today.

This is Ordinary Miracle song (2006 film)

most of the details from wikipedia

Saturday, July 12, 2008

How we can organize using FOSS.
I have used lot of commercial and free software tools for make my works easier. Here I'm going to point out some of FOSS tools which we can use for our daily works.

For plan our projects :

OpenProj tool , which can easily use for project management.
you can download it from, its a very easy and useful tool for plan our project works.

Office tool kit :
You can find nice free office tool kit in this url, it was made by Sun Micro Systems. No need to pay and you can feel the freedom of the FOSS.

Image manipulation tool :
I think you may have experience with this application, because GIMP application is very famous,

3D Animation tool :
Blender is the free open source 3D content creation suite, available for all major operating systems under the GNU General Public License.

Rough note keeping tool :
Visit, its a simple tool for keep sticky notes.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

මෙ වැඩෙ නම් පංකාදු පහයි.
ඔන්න මමත් සිංහලෙන් ලියන්න ප‍ටන් ගත්ත, ඇත්තටම එක පංකාදු වැඩක්. ජීවිතේ පලවෙනි පාරට සිංහලෙන් බ්ලොග් එකක මොනා හරි ලියන කොට දැනෙන හැගීම මට නම් වචන වලින් විස්ථර කරන්නත් අමාරුයි. ඉංගිරිසියෙන් මොනා හරි බ්ලොග් එකේ අමුනනවට වඩා සිංහලෙන් එක විස්ථර ඇතුව ලියන ‍කොට දැනෙන දේ බලන්න ඔයත් සිංහලෙන් බ්ලොග් එකක් ලියල බලන්න. වැඩි විස්ථර වෙබ් අඩවියෙන් ලබා ගත හැකි අතර සිංහල කේත වෙබ් අඩවියෙන් ලබා ගන්න.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Two remarkable wild-life videos
In September 2007, National Geographic sent the Battle at Kruger filmmakers, David "Buzz" Budzinski and Jason Schlosberg, back to South Africa to film a documentary focusing on the video. The documentary, Caught on Safari: The Battle at Kruger, was shown on the National Geographic Channel on Mother's Day, May 11, 2008, at 9pm EST.
Taken from a vehicle on the opposite side of the watering hole with a digital camcorder, the video begins with the herd of buffalo approaching the water, unaware of the lions resting nearby. The lions charge and disperse the herd, picking off a young buffalo and unintentionally knocking it into the water while attempting to make a kill. While the lions try to drag the buffalo out of the water, it is grabbed by a crocodile, who fights for it before giving up and leaving it to the lions. The lions sit down and prepare to eat, but are quickly surrounded by the massively reorganized buffalo, who move in and begin charging and kicking at the lions. After a battle which sees one lion being tossed into the air by a buffalo, the baby buffalo — still alive, to the astonishment of the onlookers — escapes into the herd. The emboldened buffalo then proceed to chase the remaining lions away.

Following video is also from Africa, its for victory of zebra.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Angel with a Violin
Her name is Vanessa Mae , She was relatively famous in the United Kingdom throughout her childhood making regular appearances on television (for example on Blue Peter) mostly involving classical music and conservative style. According to Guinness World Records, she is the youngest soloist to record both the Beethoven and Tchaikovsky violin concertos, a feat she accomplished at the age of thirteen.[1] During this time she attended the Francis Holland School in central London. Here i have attached one of the my favorits. This music song called "Destiny" (released in 2001).

This beautiful young violinist Vanessa-Mae was just in her mid-teens when she shattered the mold of the classical virtuoso with the release of her first fusion album The Violin Player, forging a new style that has made her a multi-million-selling worldwide phenomenon and the breakthrough artist who virtually defined the fusion of classical and pop that became known as crossover. At the age of 25, she has been a superstar for a decade.

She has been made her Sony Classical debut and marked a new musical direction with the release of Choreography, a highly original album that celebrates dance rhythms from around the world. Original pieces and fresh arrangements have been created for the album by the Oscar-winning Vangelis, Bill Whelan of Riverdance, Indian film composer A.R. Rahman (the musical Bombay Dreams) and Tolga Kashif (The Queen Symphony), amongst others. Choreography was released internationally in September 2004 and in the U.S. in early 2005. After that music album, I did n't watch or listen new creation from Vanessa.
Following music song called "Reflection" and I love it so much.

Most of the Details from and

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Once upon a time I went to Brunei

It was March of 2008, I got a chance to kept my foots on Brunei (BSB). I think I'm so luky to visit BSB (i.e. capital of Brunei, Bander Seri Bagawan). I went there for my office work (hSenid). First I should thank hSenid Software International for send me to Brunei.

Brunei is one of the richest country in the world. Reson behind the richness is Fuel. Brunei has lot of oil mils. Actually Brunei is Muslim country, but Bruneian are very flexible people. They are not like middle east Muslims. They respect to other religious as well. 70% of population of Brunei are Muslims. There having Buddhists and Catholics as well, most of Buddhists are Chinese.

When I was in Brunei , I went to walk inside BSB, its very small city which having lot of facilities. Lot of moles were there and also so many big and small mosques inside the city. As I think Brunei Sultan is the richest king around the world. He has huge residency which having 1500+ bed rooms and 5000+ vehicles (cars)

According to main museum, first sultan of Brunei and his people were outsiders. they were found Brunei around 14th century.
Near to the BSB, there having water village (Kompong Ayer). It is one of the ancient village which appear after the third sultan.
In order to preserve Kampong Ayer as Brunei Darussalam's most valuable heritage, the Government through the District Office has provided it with numerous facilities including foot-bridges, concrete jetties, piped water, electricity supplies telephones, a school, mosques, clinics, a police station and a marine fire station. All of the six water village mukims (districts) are collectively known as the water village (Kampong Ayer) but are identified as separate mukims for administrative purposes.
As I think Bruneian use lot of gold for decorate their mosques. I went to see Empire Hotel (6th Star hotel in Brunei) which build by current sultan's brother. Actually it was the most beautiful hotel which I ever seen in my life. That hotel also decorated by lot of gold.
I think Brunei is one of the most peaceful country in the world. Brunei has not disturbance even from environment (like earth quacks and Cyclones). I think geographical position of Brunei is very good.

Monday, May 05, 2008

How to compare two files using shells script.

This shells script can compare two files word by word. Normaly you can use diff command for compare two files, but I think this shell script good for your requrement. Here "mdp" and "agora" are the two files which I used to compare. You can change that file names.
check it out.


#File no. one

#File no. two

for i in $AINSIDE
for j in $MINSIDE
if [ "$i" = "$j" ];then
echo "$i -> $j [mached]"

COMCOUNT=`grep -w -c "$i" $FILE1`
if [ $COMCOUNT -lt 1 ]; then
echo "$i [unmached]"

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I have stepped into Singapore as well

Yes, Last March I went to Singapore as first time in my life. Actually it was transit, while going to the Brunei. It is marvelous city, but I hate is speedy life style. Salaries are higher than the Sri Lanka and expenses also very higher than the Sri Lanka.
All the facilities were near to hands except non busyness. If you going there visit Jurong East Bird park and Merlion.
There was a island called Sentosa,I'm not recommending you to visit there, because they only collecting dollars, there not having big fun according to the payments. Underwater world, 4D film theater, Dolphin show and sky ride were fine but very expensive.

I did lot of activities in Thailand wonderland which cheaper than here.
According to the china town museum, The first records of settlement in Singapore are from the 2nd century AD.
This picture was taken by Steffen Röhner early 1970's.
The island was an outpost of the Sumatran Srivijaya empire and originally had the Javanese name Temasek ('sea town'). Temasek rapidly became a significant trading settlement, but declined in the late 14th century. There are few remnants of old Temasek in Singapore, but archaeologists in Singapore have uncovered artifacts of that and other settlements. Between the 16th and early 19th centuries, Singapore island was part of the Sultanate of Johor. During the Malay-Portugal wars in 1613, the settlement was set ablaze by Portuguese troops. The Portuguese subsequently held control in that century and the Dutch in the 17th, but throughout most of this time the island's population consisted mainly of fishermen.
On 29 January 1819, Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles landed on the main island. Spotting its potential as a strategic geographical trading post in Southeast Asia, Raffles signed a treaty with Sultan Hussein Shah on behalf of the British East India Company to develop Singapore as a British trading post and settlement, marking the start of the island's modern era. Raffles's deputy, William Farquhar, oversaw a period of growth and ethnic migration, which was largely spurred by a no-restriction immigration policy. The British India office governed the island from 1858, but Singapore was made a British crown colony in 1867, answerable directly to the Crown. By 1869, 100,000 lived on the island.

Singapore has no big history like Sri lanka, I think that was the reason behind the success of Singapore. Lee Kuan Yew was first Prime Minister in independent Singapore, I think he is the creative and most successive man in the entire world among 19th century.

Some of the historical details from

Thursday, February 28, 2008

How to find the difference between two times using ANSI C
Here I have attached the C code, which gives some idea about taking difference between two given times. Final result is giving as Years. You can change the values which given inside the parenthesis - (60*60*24*365)

#include <time.h>
#include <stdio.h>

int main(void)
struct tm t,tt;
time_t t_of_day,tt_of_day;
double dif;

t.tm_year = 2009-1900;
t.tm_mon = 0;
t.tm_mday = 3;
t.tm_hour = 0; /* hour, min, sec don't matter */
t.tm_min = 0; /* as long as they don't cause a */
t.tm_sec = 1; /* new day to occur */
t.tm_isdst = 0;

tt.tm_year = 2007-1900;
tt.tm_mon = 0;
tt.tm_mday = 3;
tt.tm_hour = 0; /* hour, min, sec don't matter */
tt.tm_min = 0; /* as long as they don't cause a */
tt.tm_sec = 1; /* new day to occur */
tt.tm_isdst = 0;

t_of_day = mktime(&t);
tt_of_day = mktime(&tt);
dif = difftime (t_of_day,tt_of_day);
// You can change the outcome by changing following line
dif = dif /(60*60*24*365);
printf("Time Difference between %s and %s is %.2lf \n",ctime(&t_of_day),ctime(&tt_of_day),dif);

return 0;

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Firefox Sinhala Dictionary Plugin

Do you have ever seen this before in your computer life?? this is not a joke. Colombo university students has been done it.
Following features are available:
  • Simplicity:
    • Translate English words just hovered by mouse.
    • Translate selected words.
  • Automatically de-inflects verbs and adjectives.
  • Replaces translated words choosing one from its translation.
  • Pronounces English words. (Pronunciation of English words requires the installation of Real Player, and ability to run JavaScript.)
This extension is licensed under GNU General Public License v2.


As a help for developed guys if you can please put a review on following URL.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

How to Connecting to Google Talk using Kopete

First install QCA-TLS plugin for SSL support
If your using debian or ubuntu run following command as root or supper user.
apt-get install qca-tls
* In kopete go to settings -> Confiure Kopete and click on New from Accounts tab

* Click on next on the introduction screen and choose Jabber from the next screen

* Enter the following information on Basic Setup tab:
-- In the Jabber ID enter:
-- Check Remember password and enter your password

* And these information on Connection tab:
-- Check Use protocol encryption (SSL), Allow plain-text password authentication and Overide default server information
-- In the server field enter: and 5223 for the port