Tuesday, December 29, 2009

mChoice Soltura as a Managed Service

mChoice Soltura, You may have heard about this before, it is a user friendly and highly customizable mobile based software application platform which can create your own mobile applications without getting anyone’s help. Your application can be a mobile SMS voting application or just a SMS quiz application or else… now it is easy to create with mChoice Soltura, without knowing any computer programming language.

mChoice Soltura for Application Owners

mChoice Soltura has four separate valuable service protocols such as SMPP, WAP, USSD and MM7. Your application can use one service protocol among them. It can be chosen while you create the application.

Let’s say when you create your voting application, initial forms will prompt you to select the service type for your application. After you create the application you can do further changes using the application control panel. The application control panel will be shown once you logged-in. There you can manage most of the settings of your application.
mChoice Soltura now allows you to change your privacy settings such as listing the subscribers of your application. You can keep black listed users and white listed users in two separate lists. When you need to change the list you can login to the application control panel and change the list as you want. After you create your application, it will appear in mChoice Soltura’s App Store which is called mChoice Vishma (Which is free and open source software). Your subscribers can rate your application and write review comments in app store. They can recommend and share details of your application in any community web site and you also can embed the application details in your blog or web site.
Once your application is rated as a good content providing application and once it could collect more subscribers, you can earn more money. All sending / receiving messages and share amount of each message can be seen in the reports of mChoice Soltura. You can take subscriber detail reports daily, weekly, monthly and yearly and can analyze the application usage details graphically.

mChoice Soltura for Telecommunication Operators
mChoice Soltura has allocated a considerable throttling size for sending and receiving messages of each type. According to the allocated size you can broadcast your information throughout your subscriber base. To broadcast messages mobile phone subscribers should already be registered with a particular broadcasting application.
Telecommunication operators can configure the charging mechanisms according to their own plans. Charging can be applied either to MT (Mobile Terminating messages) or to MO (Mobile Originating messages). All the messages which had gone through the mChoice Soltura can be seen using the Soltura reports.  

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