Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My research on Facebook :-)

I did not really mean it, but I did a small research kind of thing (or rather analysis) on the Facebook during last few years. I found following quite curious facts on Facebook marriages. I found 3 types of groups among them. [Please note that.. this is only for Facebook marriages]

Group #1

1. When young girls are changing their profile pictures quite frequently and suddenly, that means they are finding partners. Sometimes they are uploading quite sexy pictures, with widen hair + smiley faces or with short skirts etc..
2. #1 not applicable to young males but you can catch them when they are putting comments on photos or wall posts of specific “single status” females.
3. After sometimes you can see they changing the relationships.. and "like" each other’s posts.. etc..
4. Next step most of the time will be the engagement or wedding, if they are quite facebook addicted couples, then you can see the wedding pics as well.
5. If they are tooo FB addicted.. You can see their honeymoon pics as well in FB.
6. Sometimes they are keeping only single FB profile for both of them and they are naming it by putting their names together.
7. After one year.. Or may be few years later you can see the second generation of them on Facebook. Sometimes parents are creating second generation’s FB accounts since they are too small for the FB ;-)
8. People who are in this group are always updating the FB.. and taking care of friends pics and profiles posts as well.

Group #2

1. In this group, girls are quite silent characters, basically they are doing nothing. They are keeping simple profile pages, sometimes no profile images
2. Here boys always buzzing females and putting comments, like posts and pictures.. etc.. It looks like he trying to get the attraction from the girl but actually not, that girl already fallen for him and he is trying to manage the situations.
3. These people do not put any wedding or honeymoon pics in FB.. but after the marriage they will change their own profile pics to couple photo.
4. Rarely they put second generation pics on FB
5. After the marriage they are almost dead people in FB :-) no sound anymore

Group #3

1. People who fall under this group are almost silent in FB.. no sound at all.
2. They start the relationship by poking each other.. And sending messages.. And chatting etc..
3. They are always careful on posting and putting pics.
4. You will not find this group of people until they were got married ;-)
5. Sometimes even after that, they will not put any pics of them or their second generation

Sometimes my research report will help you :-)

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