Monday, January 02, 2012

Traveling in Malaysia

When I first came to Malaysia, I thought the country was a ghost town… I came to this conclusion since I compared Malaysia with Singapore, which I visited before Malaysia. Now you must be wondering why I made such a statement, its because Singapore has nice public transport services which helped me to rome around the city and discover new places such as nice shopping malls and restaurants. But suddenly I had to visit Malaysia for my first project in this country. May be this is the main reason why I felt bad about Malaysia. 

Now I have almost spent a year in Malaysia, and I would say it is a country in which you can live very peacefully without any matter. Country has got mostly everything… supermalls, playground, theme parks, rivers, mountains and even nice beaches. But I would recommend anyone to have a own vehicle if you are hoping to visit these places because I have realized that living in Malaysia without a vehicle is like a hell. 

Since I didn’t have a vehicle here, I had to use public transport which is quite slow (but it is available everywhere inside KL). We can use MiniBUS, RapidKL and MetroBus services. In Kuala Lampur you get train services as well. MonoRail, Komuter, LRT and KLexpress are the main train services. MonoRai, LRT, MetroBUS and RapidKL are mainly dedicated for city service. KLexpress is running between the KL airport and the "KL Sentral".

Buses on the road
You can find main web sites of transport services here.
  1. RapidKL
  2. MetroBus
  3. Komuter 
  4. KLexpress
Malaysia has got few main bus stands which called "Pudu Raya" and TBS. Since the "Kota Raya" building is the city center, number of buses are stopping in front of "Kota Raya" and "MyDIN" shopping malls as well.
  1. Puduraya
  2. TBS-BTS
If you are traveling to Singapore or southern side of the Malaysia better go to BTS-TBS (Bandar Tasik Selatan). Or if you are visiting Penang, Thailand or Northern part of peninsula of the Malaysia better go to Pudu Raya.

Life will not be boring as long as you are not alone in Malaysia. :-)

Special Thanks:
Noelani Peiris 

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